Chicken Poop Lasagna

AKA Garden Gold!

For all of us that own chickens, there is one thing we all have in common. Poop. Lots of poop! What do you do with all that poo?

Chicken Poop lasagna is a win win solution all around. It’s amazing stuff for your vegetable garden! Composted poo adds nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. It also increases your soil’s ability to retain moisture by adding organic material. It’s definitely a winning solution for your chickens too, providing them with leaves for foraging. Enrichment is essential if your chickens don’t free range. Mine do not.

It goes like this:

  • Start with a clean dirt floor. I usually take this opportunity to liberally apply diatomaceous earth (DE). In this case it helps with pest prevention. Careful not to inhale the DE
  • Add a thick layer of leaves. 3-6 inches or so
  • Now feed your chickens as usual. Throw in all kinds of fruit and vegg material. Your chickens will help to break everything down. Either by eating it and pooping it or by scratching it down into the dirt.
  • When you notice the floor of your coop is becoming more dirt than leaves add more leaves. Add new leaves to the roost area as well even if it hasn’t broken down. This will keep the smell in check. Keep this going for a full year before you start the next phase, collecting the most wonderful soil amendment!
  • When you are ready to collect your bounty you simply rake back your current layer of leaves and scoop off the top couple inches of  material. Then replace your leaves.

There will also be fresh poo to collect. In the roost the chickens don’t scratch and forage and so the poo just builds up. I cover it with leaves whenever I add leaves or if I start to smell it. This poo doesn’t ever get rained on and the chickens don’t break it down. It’s too strong to go right into the garden with plants. I use it to amend garden space that will be used a couple of months in the future.

We rake our yard once a year and have a massive pile of leaves that I collect from when I add leaves to the coop.

Our coop is about 300 square feet and we have 12 chickens. I collect enough composted poo to amend about 100 square feet of garden. I collect enough fresh poo to cover about the same.

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