Space Cleansing

Intention: Let all negativity be deflected from this place. Let peace and light spill in. This place is blessed. For as I will it so mote it be.

Light a white candle in the space you want to cleanse. Place garlic cloves all around in your space. Use the candle to light your smudge stick. Working counter clockwise, smudge your space while speaking your intention or focusing on it quietly. If you’re working indoors open as many windows and doors as possible. Begin at the front door and smudge the entire space. Don’t skip corners. Trace the perimiter of every door you come to. If you’re outside, begin at what you preceive to be the entrance. When you’re all finished put your smudge stick down and let it go out on its own. Let the candle burn down all the way. Any candle wax that remains and the garlic can go in the trash and be immediately removed from the space. Wrap up your smudge stick and store it away. Enjoy a cleansing tea as a drink or in a bath!

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